Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Eating before Running

Yesterday was a bad run. I covered the 6k that I wanted, but it wasn't fun by any means. Too much time off since my last significant run. Further to that, I found that my breakfast of instant peach oatmeal just didn't work. ugh!

I have tried a variety of pre-run foods. Milk has to be cut from my diet as it meant too many pit stops (that proves almost impossible in rural areas). Toast with a wee bit of peanut butter or cheese is acceptable. My running partner declares that V8 cocktail will never be repeated. Half of a Power bar seems to work. I stay away from drinks other than water, which I bring on every run no matter how short or how cold. A bit of Gatorade powder in the winter keeps it from freezing.

I suspect that there is no prefect answer and that I will keeping sampling various items until I come up with a few more possibilities. Tomorrow I'll try a slice of whole grain toast with a bit of strawberry jam.

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