Tuesday, 4 September 2007

First Day of School

Between my husband myself, we successfully got the kids off to their respective schools. Son was starting high school today and daughter is entering grade 6. I am sure there was more anxiety on our parts than with the kids.

Found out this morning that a provincial election has been called for October 10. somehow I missed that totally. Prehaps I was on vacation. We are part of a newly established riding. The Liberal Canadiate came and rang my bell. It was good to meet her and I found out that she is an almost neighbour, lives at the other side of my small community.

Finished my previous book by Robert Heinlein and have started one by Jeffery Deaver called 'Speaking in Tongues'. I found it at a Bookcrossing meeting in the next town. Its been sitting a bit so thought it was time to read and release. Here's the link for it:
I'm still too early into it to have an opinion on how captivating a read it will be, but I do trust Christa's choice of books (she's the BC member who released this book) and she hasn't led me wrong before.

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