Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Best Mate by Michael Morpurgo

Michael Morpurgo is one of the most consistantly good authors I have ever read, and in this book, he has not dissappointed.

Early on we are introduced to the fawn coloured grey hound puppy who becomes the main character of this delightful story. While he doesn't find the idyllic home life that I hoped for him, he does find human friends who are in the most need of him. First is Patrick who rescues the puppy, but in realitiy, its the puppy who rescues Patrick from the difficulties of adolescence. Then there is Becky, who's mother lives with a heartless dog racer. Becky runs away with the dog to save him, but again its the case of the dog who saves Becky and her mother. Finally we meet Joe, and he doesn't even realize that he is in need of help.

I enjoyed the adaptabilty of the dog, and how he knew what was needed in each situation. He gave strength to each owner as they needed it.

I would recommend this story to any who have had a dog that they loved deeply. You can't help but be moved by this dog and wish that he were yours.

I would further recommend other books by this author: "The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips" and "Alone on a Wide Wide Sea".

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lisa. said...

I, for one, have read Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea, and would certainly recommend it. It is an AMAZING read, and i was reduced to tears at one point. You have great taste if you're a fan of Morpurgo. This book in particular (Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea) made me imagine I was the main character, it made me feel the same emotions. He really is an amazing writer. So amazing, that he has inspired me to become a writer.