Monday, 29 October 2007

Dream Wheels by Richard Wagamese

This book is a nominee for the 2007 Evergreen Awards . If not for this list, I doubt I would have read it, and that would have been a shame. This is an excellent book. It delves into the world of competitive Rodeo.
Joe Willie Wolfchild has been riding since a child and is now permanently sidelined with some serious injuries, not all of them physical. Aiden Hartley, an inner city youth, is also hurting. Turns out they both have skills that the other is badly in need of.
With the aid of their respective families they help each other to heal and in my opinion to become 'stronger' people.
I enjoyed the discussions of the First Nation traditions and heritage. It reminds the reader, that at some point, all peoples were First Nations, we all came from aboriginal peoples. A very 'grounding' thought. One could read this as a light story, or could take more time and actually ponder some of the lessons that both Joe Willie and Aiden experience. I took the slower route!
The List for the 2008 Nominees has been released this past week. I hope i haven't missed voting for my 2007 favourite. I did read 5 of the 10 nominated books. Every one of them was an excellent choice.

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