Monday, 26 November 2007

Hello Kitty Quilt is Finished

Yippee, Its finally finished and on my daughter's bed. She is so happy. Her name for the quilt is "Pretty Hello Kitty".

I will be adding a label to the back and making at least one pillowcase to compliment the quilt.

This was a challenging project. Not that the sewing was difficult. But that it took a leap of faith to try a new technique that used such large strips of fabric that you sewed on to the block, and then slashed off half of it. Also, I find it hard when I have to be trimming over sized blocks. I consider any block over 12 1/2 inches in considered over sized. Then there was a added challenge of using the hankies which ranged in size from 9 inches up to 15 inches. eeks. On top of that they weren't perfectly square. arg.

I have included two close up pictures to show the machine quilting. I used a variegated pink/red cotton thread. It turned out to be the perfect choice. All the quilting was done freehand on a regular sewing machine.


pussreboots said...

Fantastic work! The quilt is both beautiful and cute.

Anonymous said...

The Quilt is Absolutely adorable!
Where did you get all the cute fabrics? Did you use a pattern from a specific book?
Just adorable!

Katherine Hallowes said...

I want this Pretty Hello Kitty Quilt!It is the absolute cutest thing I have seen in my quest!!! My daughter Adelyn and I are huge Hello Kitty fans and also love quilts! I have just started researching just such a project for making matching Mother/Daughter Quilts and when I "Googled" Hello Kitty Quilts your amazing pictures popped up! This quilt reminds me so much of the ones my stepmom Sheila made for my gbb triplets six years ago! Sadly, when I approached her about this Hello Kitty project she didn't feel like she was up to it. Regretfully, I can't sew at all..but my Mom and Grandma both did and so I came to appreciate all the hard work and love that goes into anything hand made especially for someone special! Can you please point me in the right direction on the fabrics and patterns etc. that you used on this adorable quilt. I would so love to have some made just like it (or very very similar) for Adelyn and me! I have just started researching this project and saw your quilt first!!! You are a very talented woman! I know your daughter loves her Pretty Hello Kitty Quilt very much!!! Thanks for any and all advice you would be willing to share! I love quilts and so wish I was born with your gift!!~Kat