Thursday, 29 November 2007

Perfect Copy : Unravelling the Cloning Debate by Nicholas Agar

After reading this book it is easy to understand that real life cloning is nothing like that portrayed in movies. As of the printing of this book in 2002, there had been no reported successful cloning of a human. That doesn't stop the author from exploring the many moral and ethical issues surrounding the possible and future cloning of humans. The two reasons for cloning that he examines in detail are for reproduction and the creation of replacement organs.
The presentation of the facts and the arguments of those both for and against cloning is the clearest I have ever read. One argument against cloning says to the effect, 'in our hearts we just know that it is morally wrong'. I loved the way that Mr. Agar deconstructed that angle.
After digesting the information in this book, i still don't know whether I agree with the idea, but i do understand that man will clone because we can.
I found this book at a Bookcrossing meeting and thought it would be interesting. It turned out to be a riveting read. Thanks to the donor for sharing it.

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