Friday, 23 November 2007

Trying hard to keep focused

I am working hard on the Hello Kitty Quilt. Have read a wee bit in the newest book, PerfectCopy: Unravelling the Cloning Debate by Nicholas Agar.

It was a snow day for my daughter yesterday, but she encouraged me to finish attaching the binding to her quilt. So it is now on by machine and needs to be folded to the back and neatly hand stitched down. The last step will be to add a label and then it will seek her bed. yippee.

I am concentrating on this quilt and really want to get it finished. Unfortunately there are so many other projects to distract me. In fact I have a quilt class this evening and it will be a new project. arg. I signed up for the class as part of my social life, not that I needed to start a new project.

Back to my stitching.

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