Saturday, 17 November 2007

You have to work on a project to finish it!!!

Kinda a profound thought. I often start projects that tend to languish once I have done the part I really enjoy, which happens to be the concept and design phase. After I have started working on it and realize that its going to work and be a success, i really have no interest in finishing it.

Today I was working on a 'Hello Kitty' quilt for my daughter. Several years back my sister mailed me 12 hankies from Japan with the Hello Kitty character on them. It took a while to figure out a pattern so I could use all of them together. I used a technique by Sharyn Squier Craig called Twist'n Turn. Its a terrific way of using different size blocks together without having to cut them all to a specified size. The pictures and samples are very inspiring.

I am working on quilting the actual hankies and then will do the quilting of the boarder and finally the binding. Hope to post a pic for all to see within the next week.

Its good to get back to a project and work and it continuously and see the progress. I will be so happy to finish this, and so will my daughter.

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