Sunday, 16 December 2007

on the 4th day of Christmas...

Today we are being visited by a major winter storm. I thought that my gifts should be of a more personalized manner.
For daughter a package of scrap booking supplies, they are some three-D stickers with her initial. Hubby received some Toffifee, which have been a hit with the whole family. Guess I need to buy a full size box, not this sample size.
My son has spent the day reading the book he received, 'Horrible Facts: the grim, the gruesome and the ghastly' from Brain Benders. I didn't make it through the first two pages with its stories of tapeworms and other very gross examples. My son says its perfect and he is almost half way through. He loves books of facts and such.
PS, the Tassimo did make it onto the counter today and daughter says the hot chocolate is 'awesome'.

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