Tuesday, 18 December 2007

on the 6th day of Christmas...

This past weekend we had huge amounts of snow fall. Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 30 cm( or 12 inches). Hubby has made it to Chicopee, our local ski hill, twice in the past few days.
Keeping to the current weather spirit, his gift this morning is "North American Ski Resorts" by Marty MacLennan. This 2001 book covers resorts in Canada and the USA. There is a wealth of information for each resort including: location, facilities, family services, local community and tons of contact numbers.
Also in the trend, all three received Cadbury Magical Elves. These are chocolate elves with 'popping' candy. Kind of an interesting feeling in your mouth. Myself, I don't really want my chocolate jumping all around, by my kids love them.

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