Thursday, 20 December 2007

On the 8th day of Christmas...

Does your family have holiday rituals or traditions? When we got married we knew that we would start some new ones, and when we had kids those would change as the kids made their suggestions and preferences known. Its been fun.

For years it was filling the Santa calendar that I introduced you to on day one. This year no one is even moving Santa along. I guess that is a tradition that has served its time and we are ready for a new one. I'm OK with that, we are not a family living in stasis, but a active, evolving 'organism'.

When I was growing up we usually got our tree a few days before the 25Th and kept it up into January for Ukrainian Christmas. We still get our tree late, but it rarely stays around till New Years. Is a shame to chuck it out so fast, I don't mind the dropping needles that much and it generally smells so nice.

When we got married I started buying the Droste chocolate letters for both of us. They are not too big and come in a pretty box. I did learn that you have to buy them the first time you see them in the store or risk not getting the correct letter. I tried to get them this year, but all I could find were my initial and 3 of the initial for our last name. OK, better that than nothing, so I bought them. Fortunately about 2 weeks later I found all the initials in another store and bought more. So this morning, for their 8Th day of Christmas they received the initial for our last name, those for their first name will wait for their stockings.

Hopefully hubby will bring home a tree this evening, and daughter will perform her traditional decorating of the tree. yippee, love that one.

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