Friday, 21 December 2007

On the 9th day of Christmas...

As it gets closer to the 25Th, the kids get more excited and harder to handle. Several years ago we started giving them a movie a few days early and they would watch and re-watch it. That was enough to get them through those few days. As they have gotten older we have moved from Disney Cartoons and now to action flicks.

This morning hubby received the new Bruce Willis movie "Live Free or Die Hard". It is rated 13+, so have yet to determine whether its appropriate for daughter.

This morning she was happy with a pair of purple socks with a skull cross bones surrounded by flowery looking things.

Son was even happier as he received food. They are a rolled cook which is filled with a cappuccino cream. They are about the thickness of my baby finger but twice as long. The brand name is Caprice, but I don't know what you call the cookies.

I am looking forward to watching our new movie this evening and helping daughter with the Christmas tree.

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