Saturday, 2 February 2008

The Horned Man by James Lasdun

I was first attracted to this book by the wonderful cover picture. Credits for the cover picture Chin-Yee Lai (design) and Jesi, the Marches, Italy/Bridgeman Art Library.

This is a Bookcrossing realease and the previous reader hadn't enjoyed the book very much. Well, to me this now was a challenge.

I very much enjoyed the first half of the book. I was able to follow Lawrence, the main character. He's a Professor at a University. He does the Professor type of things. Ok, but then he starts getting odd. Why doesn't he have the lock to his office changed when he realizes that someone is entering it at night and moving and taking items.

My understanding of this book would benefit from a chat with other readers. I did glance through the discussion question at the back of the book, which would be perfect for a formal 'book club'.

Not having anyone to talk with, I decided that Lawrence is growing a brain tumor similar to the one that killed his father. For what ever reason, the tumour has penetrated through the front of his skull and is now perceived as a 'horn'. To me this is an adequate explanation for his increasingly odd behaviour.

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