Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Should I fix that Mistake

I have been working on the machine quilting of the scrap quilt. Unfortunately I have a few wrinkles in the backing. Do I stop, take them out and then re-quilt, or should I leave well enough alone.

None of the wrinkles will affect the wearability of the quilt. So that's one vote for leaving it alone.

I suspect that it won't bother my friend that I am giving it to. Another vote for leaving it alone.

The big problem is that I will always know that those wrinkles are there. That will bother me every time I see or think about the quilt.


This means, I will be taking the stitching out, smoothing the fabric, repinning and finally requilting the affected areas.

I need to be happy and satisfied with the projects that I do. I don't rush through them, just to get them done. They have to be artistic completed, not slapped together. Each piece that I deem finished must meet my expectations. No, I'm not a perfectionist (I got over that years ago), but I do want it to be as close to my best work as possible. so, time to stop typing and back to the machine.

PS. I decided to quilt the middle portion of the quilt in diagonal grid, with stitch-in the ditch along the green boarder and a swirly motif in the outer boarder.

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