Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Time to Label those Quilts

I have issued a challenge to the Members of the online Maple Leaf Quilt Guild. It runs from today until March 6.

I currently have 4 finished quilts that do not have labels. My challenge is to get appropriate labels on all of them. I have issued them the same challenge. I am hoping that it will spur some of the members on to action.

It's important to label a quilt. You should include as much information as you have about the quilt. I tend to include who the quilt is for, the occasion (IE: birthday) my name and city, date when finished, designer of the pattern (if its not my original work).

At the same time I try and make a record of all details about the quilt and I like to use the form from The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. I put these in a binder and add at least one photo of the quilt. This would also be the time to get an appraisal completed (I have heard that most insurance companies will treat quilts as blankets in the event that you make a claim regarding one).

Good luck to anyone one reading this who decides that they have a quilt or two in need of a label.

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