Saturday, 1 March 2008

I've got new glasses

I made the leap and got bi-focal lenses this time. I was finding it rather difficult to see the tiny print, remove splinters and align the fabric when sitting at the sewing machine.

I discussed my needs for lots of reading and even more sewing, both on the machine and hand work with my optometrist, and she suggested that I try some lenses by Nikon.

I picked them up from her on Friday. So far they are pretty good. Since its the progressive lenses, it am definitely needing some time to learn where to look when doing various activities. My eyes have been tired at the end of the day, so I gather this means that they are working harder. On the good side, I can now see to line up my quilt patches when I am at the sewing machine. That had been getting rather difficult and I wasn't getting quite the accuracy that I wanted.

Reading is interesting. Lets leave it at that for the moment, mind you, newsprint isn't always the clearest at the best of times, and that New York Times Crossword puzzle could be printed larger.

Now I was thinking, that those neat squares of fabric for cleaning eyeglasses could work well in a future quilting project...

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