Thursday, 20 March 2008

The Road to Omaha by Robert Ludlum

The absolute funniest book I have read in a long time. Honestly, I was bursting into laughter in public waiting rooms as I read.
This is a follow-up to Mr. Ludlum previous book, "Road to Gandolfo" in which the Pope is kidnapped. In this story, the outrageous, retired General MacKenzie Hawkins is taking on the United States Government over a righteous native land claim in Omaha.
At over 500 pages, its a long novel, but the laughter rarely stops for more than a few of them. I'm not going to hash over the book, or try to convince you that Robert Ludlum is terrific writer, you already know that. You will want to read "Road to Gandolfo" prior to this one so that you will be familiar with several of the other characters and a grasp of the Pope situation will come in handy.
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Bookwurm said...

I've read Road to Gandolfo but haven't got the chance to read the sequel. Gotta catch up in reading now!