Monday, 31 March 2008

An unusual knitting request - Geocache GC15XF8

It was very odd when my hubby came to me Thursday evening with a knitting request. I can't recall that he has ever asked me to knit something for him.

He handed me three pages and asked if I was interested. I looked, it was a 42 line pattern. OK, I've knit all sorts of stuff with complicated patterns. Turns out the final result is the GPS location of the cache for Geocache GC15XF8.

Its knit in two colours of worsted weight yarn on 4 1/2 mm needles. Nothing difficult other than I misread the pattern and did 3 rows of picos (the yarn overs) instead of only one.

Now we await enough time to drive to the location and sign the log. I have decided that I will add a ball of yarn to the contents of the cache (hope there is enough space) and perhaps I'll even come up with a knitting book to add (a Bookcrossing novel not an instruction book, but then again...).

I wonder if there are other caches out there that having a knitting requirement ???

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