Monday, 7 April 2008

Atmospheric Disturbances by Rivka Galchen

This is a first novel by Canadian born Rivka Galchen. It follows the developments after psychiatrist Leo Liebenstein decides that the woman who comes home with a dog one day is not actually his wife Rema.

Oddly, the mystery of Rema is linked with the disappearance of Harvey, one of Leo's patients.

With each step Leo takes to unravel the mystery, he adds more clues and the search takes unusual twists. Who is Anatole, and why does this new Rema call him by this name? Who is Tzvi and is he really working with the mysterious Royal Academy of Meteorology? And what about this purported other husband of Rema's?

This story kept me guessing up to its conclusion. I was constantly trying to understand which characters know each other and how are they related to Rema. This is a good story to sit with a cup of tea and to take time to ponder the associations of those who we are introduced to.

I am still considering Leo's fascination with both his and Rema's reflections in the mirror. Which is the real person, and which the reflection? and did they somehow get exchanged? And in light of the mirror situation, I have to question whether Leo is still sane or has he succumbed to his patient's illness?

This would make an excellent read for a Book Club. There were lots of instances where I would have enjoyed discussing the characters and their relevance to the plot.

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