Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Less Traditional Block Arrangements

I am now moving into the less traditional block arrangements. This one is called 'X's'. A good choice for obvious reasons. I find it a very striking. Its simple, but it carries my eye around the surface. Movement in a quilt/picture is always a good thing.
While I have been posting these designs, I have been working at marking a queen size bed quilt. Since its of my own design, it doesn't seem to fit any of the pre-cut stencils that I bought. So, I traced them and used my printer/scanner to re-size. Then traced them on freezer paper. Now with the help of my light table I am drawing the actual lines. Its kinda difficult since the background fabric is a mottled, medium blue. The next step is to draw a template for the full length of the inner boarder area in a 2 size twisted rope motif. Arg. What was I thinking, I could have done something simple, but no. OK, It will all be worth it in the end when I give the quilt to my cousin. Yes, there will be pics at some point.

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