Friday, 4 April 2008

Streak of Lightning

The arrangement of blocks shown today is called 'Streak of Lightning'. It is very versatile. it can run top to bottom, as shown in the first picture, or left to right as shown in the second picture. Likewise the length of the 'jags' of the lightning can be changed to any length that suits the size of your quilt.

The second picture is a quilt that I made for my brother-in-law. The blocks are made from 7 1/2" squares of fabric sewn into 1/2 square triangle blocks. I have elongated the jags of the lightning to a more unusual setting. This quilt has been appropriately named 'Christmas Lightning'.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
I rather like the straight furrows,
what a lot of work. Well done. Does this quilt have a bed to lie on? Bea

Heather said...

no, this is not yet destined for anyones bed. I suspect that will be decided about the same time that the design is chosen.

Elly D said...

And I like the barn raising one :-D. I think you're going to get all different views on this. All the designs are lovely but the BR one is my favourite.

The top for your BIL is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

Elly (nrth Scotland)

Amy said...

I like the quilts, thanks for sharing. have a great wknd