Monday, 23 June 2008

Lords of the Bow: The epic story of the Great Conqueror by Conn Iggulden

This book breaths life into the long gone Genghis Khan. While dead for almost 800 years, I could imagine the thunder of tens of thousands of warriors and their horses racing across the fields that lie beyond my house.
Prior to this book, I had only heard of the brutality of the mongols. Mr. Iggulden has succeeded in fleshing out my image of them and turning them back into people with families, with memories of their pasts and with hopes for their and their children's futures.
Lords of the Bow is a snapshot view of a span of several years with the Mongols. It spans from the uniting of the various tribes under Genghis's rule, and ends with the successful siege of Yenking (Beijing) several years later.
Ample attention is given to the military strategies employed by all armies without it becoming the main thrust of the book. For this reason I feel that it would appeal to readers with a broad historical interest.
Thanks to HarperCollins for the cover photo.

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