Friday, 11 July 2008

21.1 Kilometres Later

Its July 6, at 6:50am and we are getting ready to line up at the start of the Calgary 1/2 Marathon. Actually, the full Marathon started at the same time and place.

That's me on the left, my sister Shelley in the middle, (she was our support member as she doesn't run), and my sister Nancy on the right.

The second picture is us at about the 15k mark. Shelley crossed the bridge, took pics and then hurried back to the finish line.

The final pic is very close to the finish line. We are holding hands in an attempt to have the same time. We came close, but Nancy's official time is one second faster than mine.

I will admit, that about 1 1/2 k before the end of the race, Nancy had to turn and look at me and check whether she was looking good and that her hair was neat. She had to ensure that our finish pictures would be good. Of course she looked wonderful.

What a wild experience. Will I do it again? Maybe!

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lisa. said...


Thankyou so much for your recent comment. I posted a reply to all of your comments on your blog a few weeks ago, thanking you for everything. For reading my blog, and for understanding and not judging me.

I'm not sure whether you received it or not, after what your last comment said. I can assure you that I am so grateful for having you read my blog and for your feedback.