Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Endrrun 2008 A Volunteer's Perspective Stage 3 Bechtel Park 30k

As a runner, I know what I like to eat, when to eat it and how much to eat. Trying to feed 40 very different runners with a variety of allergies and food preferences and tolerances is almost unimaginable. Add to the fact that we are located in the middle of field under a tent. eeks.

Aside from requests for Double Stuff Oreos, chocolate and salty stuff, it gets tough selecting food that has sufficient carbs, protein, ease of preparation and it has to taste good. While the runners are on the course, its kinda easy, offer them water and Gatorade along with the occasional gel and they think we are wonderful. Afterward is a different story.

A lot of trial and error has determined that burgers, whether beef, chicken or veggie are eagerly accepted. Same goes for meat and cheese sandwiches, wraps etc. Foods suitable for those on more restricted diets is the biggest challenge. Its been fun trying some vegan style recipes. The curried brown rice/salmon salad (without salmon for the vegans) was a big hit. The carrot cake with tofu in place of dairy and eggs didn't go over so well. I am still surprised that the broccoli salad with feta cheese and raisins is so popular.

Tomorrow's Greek style pasta salad is always a hit. This year I'll leave the feta cheese and the Parmesan on the side.

You might not think that runners of this calibre would go for desserts, but they are running so much this week that it seems they can hardly replace all the calories they are expending. Sunday after the Marathon will be the major dessert day. I am thinking of something very chocolately..

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