Friday, 15 August 2008

Endurrun 2008, a Volunteer's Perspective Stage 5 Chicopee Ski Club

It was a gruesome 25 k run up and down an assortment of ski hills. eeks, not something I aspire to do.

Our water station was busy, busy, busy today. We had runners from 2 directions, so 40 runners, 5 laps, 2 times per lap. 400 visits from our runners. That's a lot of splashed Gatorade. Before we knew it 3 hours had passed and our final runner (actually walker) was in site.

I've included 2 pics that show some of the many people involved in this race series. Runners, volunteers as well as a bunch of supporters (IE: family, friends and relay team members).

Yes, that's a child's wading pool in the bottome left hand corner that was filled with cold water and lots of ice for those runners who had to urge for an ice soak. We have tried hard to accomodate all the needs of our runners.

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Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
I have been reading through some of your stories. They are very interesting. Some of your books, I have them on my To Read List. I will be putting you on my blog roll so I can see what your reading, quilting and how your races are coming along. I have always wanted to run, but alas, can't do that anymore. I have degenerative joint disease in my knees and hips. Some days I have trouble walking and most days I limp. Sorry for going on, but love your blog!! Thought I should introduce myself!