Friday, 1 August 2008

Exit Lines by Joan Barfoot

Moving into a retirement home doesn't mean the end of your life. In fact, if you ask Sylvia, George, Greta and Ruth, I suspect that they will tell you quite the opposite.
It's early spring and the four have just moved into the newly finished 'Idyll Inn'. Their chance meetings on that first day led to unexpected friendships and more.
I was attracted to these characters from the first lines when they were introduced. They seemed so alive, not like people being warehoused till they died. Regardless of their ages, they have stories to tell, the stories of their varied lives,their hopes and dreams. Each of them has a life well lived, but with space for much more to come even if their families and the staff don't realize that.
It was warming to read about their developing friendships and the depth to which they could depend on each other. While this book is called 'Exit Lines', I found it more to be about 'Beginnings'.
I don't always look for, nor find messages in books, but this one spoke to me loud and clear. Live everyday, enjoy yourself and enjoy those you surround yourself with. Regardless of your age or physical status, its your life to live, don't be controlled by the thoughts of others on how you should be living.
I have also read 'Charlotte and Claudia Keeping in Touch' by this author, and enjoyed this book much more.
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