Tuesday, 30 September 2008

2nd Canadian Book Challenge

I have recently signed up for the 2ND Canadian Book Challenge, which is to read 13 books by Canadian authors before the next Canada Day (July 1, 2009). Its open to all readers regardless of Nationality or Country of residence.
I found out about it on Kathleen Molloy's website and followed the links till I ended up at John Mutford's The Book Mine Set.
While I have read books by several Canadians this year, they won't count against my 13. That's not a problem, there are so many wonderful Canadian authors that I shouldn't have any difficulty finding more to read.
My first book(s) will be by author and playwright Tomson Highway (as suggested by Kathleen in her blog entry earlier this week). At first I was going to read books by authors that are new to me, now I think I'll refine it to First Nations Authors. I will really enjoy this challenge.
I'll try and remember to put the challenge logo in each entry and post my running total. So right now I stand at 0/13. If you have joined in this challenge let me know which books you are reading.

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Sherrie said...

I followed your links and fount the Canadian Book Challenge. Checked out my local library, but they don't seem to have any, unless I'm searching them wrong. I would love to join in on this, but can't seem to find any books unless I buy them, which I can't afford right now. But I'll be watching your list and see what you are reading.
I see you have Mind Game by Christine Feehan on your list. You'll love it. It's a great book!! Take Care!