Sunday, 21 September 2008

Neon Lotus by Marc Laidlaw

Lately I find that every time I read a book, I have to do a Google search on the author. I'm glad I do, as I have been finding interesting stories. Always, the author is far more that 'only' a writer.
In this case, Marc Laidlaw is also renown for his work on the computer games of the Half-Life series from Valve Software. You can read further about him on Wikipedia, or you can visit his blog.
I enjoyed this book which is mainly set in Tibet. It gives just enough information about the struggle for Tibet's freedom from the Chinese that I need to find out more.
Some books are just mind candy, they occupy my time and give me immediate pleasure. They don't stay with me for days and weeks afterward. Then there are the books that feed my imagination and keep my pondering on them for various periods of time. This is the later type of book. I admit that I don't know much about Tibet and its people and beliefs. I do know that I look forward to the challenge of finding some books that will fill in the gaps.

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