Saturday, 6 September 2008

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz

From the surface, Odd Thomas is a young man you'd expect to find in any town. Almost immediately we find out that he is frequently visited by ghosts and that he can see unearthly creatures he calls bodachs.
Its very easy to like the character of Odd. He's just an everyday guy, he goes to work, visits with friends and neighbours and loves his girlfriend Stormy. Just about what the rest of us do.
The story-telling style of this book makes for easy reading, though it is hard to put down. Even though I knew that something 'really bad' was going to happen, Mr. Koontz managed to keep it a mystery and it seemed that he 'sprung' it on me all of a sudden.
The character of Odd appears in 3 further novels as well as a graphic novel. There is even a web-site visit that is solely devoted to Odd.
I do hope that in one of the future novels we get to 'meet' Odd's Aunt Cymry (his mother's sister). There is a mystery to her that we are clearly introduced to, but it is not explored.
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Sherrie said...

I love Dean Koontz books. Haven't read the Odd series yet. They are on my to-read list.

joemmama said...

The Odd books are just terrific! You will love the whole series!!