Friday, 5 September 2008

Point Blank by Catherine Coulter

This story sucked me in from the first pages. I could have read it through without a break if it weren't for other everyday obligations (such as family and food).
I enjoyed meeting FBI Agent Ruth Warnecki as she explored Winkel's Cave. You could forsee right from her rescue by Sheriff Dix Noble that a relationship would develop between them.
We are also introduced to FBI Agents Savich and Sherlock, who are investigating their own twisted mystery.
I enjoyed the interaction between the four law enforcement officers. Lucky for me the three FBI agents have been featured in previous novels, which I will be on the look out for. You can check Catherine's website for a complete listing of her books.

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Sherrie said...

I love Catherine Coulter books. She's a great author!!! Have read several of her books. I'll have to look this one up at my library.