Thursday, 4 September 2008

A Virtual Soul by Kevin Teixeira

This futuristic novel is a first for Kevin Teixeira. The main character is Josh Numes, an em-printer (he gives personalities and memories to test tube people) finds himself caught in a web of corporate espionage involving mass murder.
I found this a compelling read. Through-out the day, each time I walked past the book I had to pick ti up and read at least a few pages. I needed to know whether Josh would get his life back or would the corporation win.
Angelica developed into an interesting character of hidden straights. I was sorry to see the story end when it did.
I did expect to see a follow-up book by Mr, Teixeira, but nothing yet at my local bookseller.
Thanks to my bookcrossing friend who passed it along.
Turned out to be a good summer read.

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