Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Mind Game by Christine Feehan

A para-normal romance between Dahlia Le Blanc and Nicolas Trevane.
I had been hoping that their "powers" would be the main thrust of this story, turns out it is mostly about the development of their relationship and their trust with each other. They both have some pretty major and possibly dangerous hurdles to cross, but they both keep working at it, looking toward success.
I find that a romance that focus's on communication and trust is good to read every so often. Those are areas in which many of us could use a reminder. Life and relationships don't just happen and stay healthy for long periods of time without effort being put into them.
Christine's latest novel, "Dark Curse" was the number 1 Best Sellers Fiction pick on the New York Times Book review list of September 21, 2008.
A good choice of novels to finish off my list of summer reads.
This book was suggested by my blog friend Sherrie.


Sherrie said...

Did you like the book? It was a little racy at times, but I liked it. Take Care!!


Heather said...

HI Sherrie,
Yes I did like it. it was a fun read and didn't take long at all. Thanks for the suggestion.