Sunday, 2 November 2008

Echoes of Earth by Sean Williams & Shane Dix

The people of earth have started looking to the stars. Knowing how lengthy the explorations will be, they are sending engrams (synthetic humans).
One ship, the Frank Tippler has been exploring the planet Adrasteia in Upsilon Aquarious. Aliens visit and leave behind 10 large structures containing eleven gifts.
In the many decades since their departure from earth communication from home has ceased. The crew are faced with the dilemma of determining the acceptable risks of re-establishing contacting with earth. I can't continue without revealing too much plot development, so you'll have to get the book and read it your self.
I enjoyed this fanciful novel. It indulges the 'what if' scenario. What if we travel to the distant stars? What if we encounter aliens? What if...
The story continues in the novel 'Orphans of Earth' and then in 'Heirs of Earth'. Mr. Williams and Mr. Dix have collaborated on several novels.

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