Thursday, 4 December 2008

Child of the Morning by Pauline Gedge

I found this book while browsing the website of The Bookworm. Being that it's by a Canadian Author I hadn't heard of, I ordered it right away, and then went into their shop the next day to pick it up. A dangerous feature but oh so handy.
Turned out to be a good choice. Pauline has written a whole series of books about ancient Egypt. This one deals with Hatshepsut, a woman Pharaoh who had a long and very successful reign. We also met Senemut, her chief Architect. The book proposes that Hatshepsut and Senemut carried on an affair for a number of years during her reign.
I rather enjoyed this book. It mixes enough fact in with the fiction that it makes you feel as though you are learning something at the same time as you are enjoying yourself.
At this point I am not counting this book toward my total for the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge as I am trying to read books by First Nations Authors, but should I read 13 of those, then I'll submit this title.

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