Friday, 19 December 2008

The Oath by Lindsay Chase

An historical romance novel set in New York City in 1889.

Catherine has trained as a medical doctor at a time when female doctors are still a novelty and not always taken seriously.

Along with her friend and fellow female doctor Sybilla, she opens her practice specializing in women's health. She is befriended by a male doctor, Kim Flanders, who wisely realizes that some of the wives of his patients are unwilling to be seen by a male doctor.

At this period in time many women still die during child birth and these three doctors do their best to provide life saving care, including the very risky cesarean section.

It seems to be that this book does a good job of presenting the challenges and risks that these doctors faced on a daily basis.

This book was passed along to me my a Bookcrossing member, and I will be passing it along to another Bookcrossing friend.

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