Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Metal Sky by Jay Caselberg

This was an enjoyable and diverting read.
I was in the department store last week and they had some books really marked down. This one had an appealing cover so I bought it.
Its the second book of a series that stands at 4. Its set in an alternate/futuristic earth. Jack is a psychic investigator and 14 year old Billie, his 'niece', helps him with the computer based research. They have just moved to a new town and Jack is desperate for a new case to provide some much needed cash.
Makes for an interesting story with the police involvement, off world travel and delving into some of the seedy underworld of black market archaeological treasures.
There is the start of some good interactions between Jack and Billie. Its obvious that they are still working to make their relationship work. Neither seems to be easy to live with nor are they fully comfortable with each other. It will be interesting in future stories to see how their relationship grows.
Jay Caselberg also writes under the name of James Hartley.

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