Friday, 16 January 2009

The Sweets of Life

Here are a few more pics of the Candy Jar quilt that I was making for my sister in October. I did get it finished in time for her arrival, though I admit that I didn't have the binding all turned to the back and stitched, so sent her home with a needle and thread and instructions. Glad to tell you its on her bed and keeping her warm.

The bunny sitting on top of the shelf is named Barlow, and he has travelled with her for over 20 years. Yes, he's wearing a night shirt and even has bunny slippers (they don't show in the photo). He is leaning against a stack of books. The titles all pertain to aspects of my sister's life as do the various items on the shelves. I did leave some blank spaces that we will fill in the future.

The cowboy boot in the second picture is almost identical to the pair of boots I bought in July when I visited her during the Calgary Stampede.

The background fabric was chosen because it looked like wallpaper that would naturally be found behind a book shelf.

This was a very fun quilt to make. I did start with a pattern to get the dimensions for making the jars, but then I went wild and did what ever I felt like doing. There is traditional piecing, paper piecing and fusible applique. The Eiffel Tower is a marker drawing.

The quilt fits a twin size bed and the batting is 80cotton20poly by Hobbs.

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