Friday, 2 January 2009

unshapely things by Mark Del Franco

Back to the world of Faerie.

Connor Grey is a Druid who has lost most of his powers. Thus he finds himself working with Boston Police to solve a series of murders.

This is an interesting twist to most of the Faerie type novels where the magical folks try to keep their existence a secret from the humans. This one embraces the differences and builds upon them.

This book was fun to read. Mr. del Franco has written two more books that continue the adventures and investigations of Connor Grey.  Visit his site to read the opening chapter of each novel.

update August 11, 2013:
This series has now grown to six books. Time to search them out and get reading.

Connor Grey Series:

1 unshapely things
2 unquiet dreams
3 unfallen dead
4 unperfect souls
5 uncertain allies
6 undone deeds (2012)


Anonymous said...

I want to read the book so bad, i just don't have the money for it!

Heather said...

YOu could check with your library and see if they have it, if not, they might be able to borrow it from a nearby library system for you.