Friday, 20 February 2009

Does listening to an audio book count as having read it?

This is coming from my 15 year old son, not my words.
Mom, Aunt XXXX said that it didn't really count if you listened to an audio book, that you hadn't really read the book!!
Eeks, what is this, am I not allowed to multi task, or does she wish she had thought to listen to audio books while she does her other projects?
Any comments?
note: that's not my photo I found it online somewhere


Dorte H said...

A very bright question, I think :D
- especially because I don´t like audiobooks. Of course I am not adverse to the idea, I just cannot concentrate or learn anything if I do not get it through my eyes. My daughters are like me so it seems to run in the family.
But of course we enjoy listening to music.

Miri said...

I think it counts...I find that I can think about what's happening while listening (implications, etc.) better than while reading-and I can always pause and go back if I missed something. Does an audio book stick with me for as long as a read book...not sure.

Heather said...

These are interesting comments. I find that I do have to make a point of paying attention. It is easier for my mind to wander when I don't have the book in hand. Then again, my mind can wander at times even when I am holding a book. Then I just put it away. So I guess there will be days when I don't really want to listen either.