Monday, 2 February 2009

Forever Odd by Dean Koontz

2ND book in the 4 part series.

We meet again the intriguing character of 21 year old fry cook Odd Thomas. Unlike the first book, which takes place over many days or weeks, this one wraps up in a very dramatic 24 hours.

Odd is awaken from sleep by a dead radiologist whose son Danny happens to be one of Odd's best friends.

While I love the character Odd, and the fact that tears poured down my face every time I read about his deceased soul mate Stormy, I kinda felt cheated by this book. I learned very little more about Odd's past and his weird relationship with his mom or the mysterious Aunt that was mentioned in the first book. it was all immediate action.

I did like the course that Odd had chosen to pursue at the very end of the book. I can only hope that will lead to some of the further revelations that I was hoping for in this book. Yes, I do intend to keep reading this series and have "Brother Odd" somewhere in my pile of 'to be read' books.

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