Thursday, 12 March 2009

10 Books That Caused a Commotion

I recommend that you visit the Savvy Reader today and find out which 10 books have people riled up.

Last week I read the first few chapters of "Wetlands" by Charlotte Roche . Not sure that I would buy it and read the whole thing, but if it came across my desk I would read more out of curiousity. I found it's very candid approach is refreshing after reading many books that tend to cloud the subject at hand.

I recently read "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde and really enjoyed it.

I would read most of the other books, though I reserve my decision on the James Frey book (I didn't read his earlier book but heard bits of the controversy of whether it was true or not and that has me turned off) and the Gretta Vosper book, not that I have any opinion on whether she is correct or not, but rather that I am content with my current beliefs and at this point I don't want to rock my own ship. But, as I said above, if they came across my desk I would read them.

So, go to the Savvy Reader link above and check out the books and read any that tickle your fancy.

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The Book Chick said...

I didn't read the James Frey book either. It seems to me that he rocketed to the top of the popularity ladder because of his controversial first novel. I would consider reading the second one...possibly, should the opportunity present itself. This was definitely a controversial article, though, so thanks for bringing it to my attention!