Friday, 6 March 2009

Friday Feature: Reading Programs

It seems that lots of press is given to fitness programs and the needs of getting youth as well as adults active. We also need to keep our minds active. The Nintendo Systems has come out with GameBoy games such as Personal Trainer: Math and Brain Age 1 & 2. For myself, I enjoy the New York Times Saturday crossword puzzle, a Sudoku puzzle and reading.

There are hundreds of thousands of books to chose from. Most of us has them through out our homes. If you are looking for a bit of guidance and companionship, you can chose from one of the many structured reading programs available. I will review the ones that I have come across while browsing online.

The Forest Of Reading Ontario, Canada
This program has sections for each age group including adults. It operates mostly through the schools as well as the public libraries. Each section has aproximately 10 book nominees. Canadian Authors

One Book One Community Waterloo Region Ontario, Canada
The goal of this program is to get as many residents as possible reading and discussing the same book. The current selection is "The One Hundred Mile Diet". Canadian Author willing to travel to Waterloo Region for Readings and Discussions.

One Book One Community Medicine Hat, Alberta
This years selection was announced last week, "Late Nights on Air" by Canadian Author Elizabeth Hay.

One Book One Burlington Ontario
This year's selection is not yet posted.

One Book One Community Duluth, Minnesota
Recently announced their 2009 selection, "Population 485" by Michael Perry

One Book One Community East Lansing, Michigan
The Michigan State University has not yet announced their 2009 selection,

The Big Read The United States
Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts. There are currently 30 novels on the reading list. You can also hear broadcasts on Sirius radio channel 117.

The Lost World England and Scotland
"The Lost World Read 2009 celebrates the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin with a mass-read of the classic adventure story The Lost World."

On the Same Page Manitoba, Canada
The goal of this program is to have 1% of the province's population (12,000) read the same book which is "April Raintree" by Beatrice Culleton Mosionier. Read my review of February 19, 2009.

One the Same Page Cincinnati, Ohio
Two selections for 2009
The Soloist by Steve Lopez
Fire from the Rock by Sharon M. Draper

One the Same Page San Franciso, California
They change their selection every two months.

I hope that there are many more of these programs. Let me know if your country has a similar one and I'll post the link here.

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Nice to read this.Thank you so much for sharing these reading resources.