Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Needlework Tuesday

I would never have imagined that a dog could manage to occupy all the rest of the time that my kids don't use up. eeks. Sewing and reading time seem to be eclipsed by dog walking and scratching behind his ears. Being that I am the one home during the day, we know who's time is no longer her own.

This week will be different (ya right).

I did get a start on the loon block. There were a bunch of fabrics to sort out, though once I wrapped my head around that, the progress was good. I have pieced the 'reflection' as shown at the left. I have 6 sub-sections to piece for the top half of the block. Am looking forward to doing this as the fabrics chosen are rather fun. Mostly black and whites. Will have to do some research and see if the from to the neck should be 'white' as there is nothing in the instructions to indicate nor is there a piece of white fabric included.

I did get to my cousin's quilt. I started at the green fish at the top of the pic and am working toward the bottom of the picture. Should be another day or two to get that part done and then I will do the same section on the bottom of the quilt.

I am finding it hard to not start a new project. arg, so many ideas and no where near enough time. Maybe something little like a shopping bag...

I still have pieces of the heart fabric if any readers would like to make a 12" block and post a blog entry/pic.

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