Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Heart Fabric Challenge

In my opinion this fabric just begs to be made into a 9 patch block. I gather a few of the members agree with me.

Diane B. of Alberta chose to add 5 squares of a medium blue to her 9 patch block.

Tricia S. of British Columbia used all 9 hearts and boardered each heart with a different colour of 'dimple' fabric.

Judy M. of Ontario did a 4 patch with 2 different paperpieced hearts in opposite corners.

Judy went on to make a 9 patch using 5 bright pink squares in the alternate positions.

I'm wondering if Judy was thinking of the Calgary stampede when she pieced this final block? it looks terrifc and yes, i did see some Cowboy boots in Calgary last summer with hearts on the shaft.
I'll be back when I have more pics to post. Still expecting up to 11 more blocks.
This cowboy boot is from 'Sew Precise 4' software. Judy suggests that you could get a similar free cowboy boot amd hat pattern from Quiltseeds, or a cowboy boot pattern from equilters. If you go to either of these sites and make the pattern, send me the link so I can see how they turned out. Thanks.

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