Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Needlework Tuesday

I was out walking the dog this morning and came across a wonderful treat. It had no calories and didn't involve any work on my part. It was an impromptu quilt show. There is a lovely Mennonite bakery down the block from me. I walk past it all the time with the kids/dog/ when I'm running. Fortunately they are only open 3 1/2 days a week. Today must have been washing day. The lines were hung with 6 or so quilt. A lovely Double Irish Chain, a scrappy Snowball and 9 patch. Another that was in blues (maybe Night and Day) was facing into the yard so I couldn't identify the pattern and a fourth reminded me of Blackford Beauty, but the corners were different. Hopefully I can get back for a pic before they are taken in. Sorry, no such luck.

I did some good work on Joan's birds this week.
She had started several blocks and I continued working on them. The Red Wing Black Bird needed some correction. Joan had mis-cut the fabric of one patch so I had to do some un-stitching, remove that piece, add a new patch and re-stitch several seams. Added the boarders and embroidered the eye. There was one other spot where the fabric was too small but it was so near the beginning that I decided to embroider over the error with black floss and hope that no one notices.

Next was the Blue Jay. I believe this was Joan's first block, since it was marked January and I know this was a Christmas gift. This time I added the grey ultra suede foot and the two boarders, gave it a good pressing and done.

To date there are 5 completed birds. They are on my design wall at the bottom of my stairs. I can see them any time I open that door. Hubby was looking at them and asked it we could please keep this quilt. Oops, sorry dear, this one has to go to its home. Didn't realize that he likes birds. We'll still get to enjoy it for a while and then we can make a nice picture.

I have seen some wall hangings where the quilter takes a photo of the quilt, transfers it to fabric and then makes a wall hanging of the transfer. They are a lovely keepsake.

I'm sad to report no progress on the Nautical Quilt. Fortunately it is getting warm here and my cousin won't need it for the next few months.

I have started to receive blocks made from the heart fabric that I told you about a few weeks ago. I plan separate posts of those over the next month. I hope that you will return to keep up with my progress on the bird blocks, the Nautical Quilt and the Heart Fabric Challenge.

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