Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Needlework Tuesday

I love to visit with you all on Tuesdays. It gives me a chance to reflect on what I have accomplished in the previous week. It seems to me that I never finish anything and then voila I am writing to you about a completed project. yippee.

This week I did the final stitches on a fluffy gold scarf. Its made with yarn from the "Palatte Collection". Can't recall if I used 3 or 4 -50gram balls. The ball band said to use 5mm needles, but I should have used a bit larger so it would be more flexible. Looks good though.

This week I worked on the Canada Goose block. As you can see it is pieced, but still needs the eye. The pattern says to stitch it in Black rayon thread and then put a small white highlight. I don't think this will show at all. I need to do some research and look at some goose pics and see what the eyes really look like. I did some work on the Cardinal block. Joan had pieced it though it didn't lay flat. I took back one seam, re-trimmed one side and when I re-sewed the seam it was much better. Still needs the boarders and then legs and eyes. Picture next week.

My friend Janet and her mother were over for coffee this week . She brought me a package of 6 inch charms from her recent visit to Hawaii. Wow, they are lovely. The pic shows her quilting one of the stars on my cousin's nautical quilt. She promises to come back and do more when she has a chance. Need to help her a bit so she can better learn how to do the rocking stitch. Her mother was surprised to find that she knew how to quilt at all. Even mother's can learn more about their kids when given the opportunity.

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