Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Needlework Tuesday

I find it very exciting when I can finally see a project coming together. When I have a few blocks finished, its a nice feeling, but nothing to write home about. Now that I have 8 of the 12 bird blocks pieced, I am starting to get excited. I am by no means near finished as this quilt does not have simple sashing. Each piece of sashing is a separate pattern of bird houses or leaves or trees or some such bird related item. I am looking forward to piecing them as each section will work up fairly quickly and I don't have to make tons of any one item. I do plan to change a couple of them that I don't like. I don't see how a braided strip fits in, and I don't want to include 2 sections of checker board, one is quite enough. Artistic license allows and even encourages such personalization.

As you can see, the first block I finished was the Cardinal. Joan had this one pieced, but it wasn't lying flat. I took back one seam, did a bit more trimming, re-stitched and it was flat.

Next was the Downy Woodpecker. Not a bird I know personally, but have heard them. This one was tedious at times, 97 pieces and no colour guide was included. I sent and email to the designer asking her to send me a pdf, but no response. There were also 2 mistakes on the pattern. On the Hole A section, the piece numbered 4 should be re-numbered to 3 and the one numbered 3 should be re-numbered to 4. In the final assembly of the units, it should say to join Hole A to Hole B. Join Head A to Head B and then join Beak. Then join the Holes to the Head section. I admit to being annoyed to have to do some un-stitching due to these errors. Always important to have some one test patterns.

My online group, The Maple Leaf Quilt Guild, continues with their BOM program. This months block is a Log Cabin Variation from the Quilter's Cache website. Sorry to say I didn't get one done as its a nice looking block. Fairly simple as long as you cut accurately and have a true 1/4 inch seam allowance.

The blocks are 12 inches on a side. The six blocks submitted would be the good basis for a lively baby quilt.

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