Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Needlework Tuesday

I am fresh from the sewing machine and ironing board with the latest block. Okay, its still missing its eye and feet, but I will get to them. Didn't want to keep you waiting.
This is the Oriole block. The kit came with a very red fabric for the main body of the bird and my friend Janet and her mother both said no way and they chose this lovely orange from my stash. They are right, a very good choice.
Joan's son Ian and his wife were here on the weekend and I was happy to show them the other 8 blocks. Now he can let Joan know that I really am working on the quilt. She doesn't have Internet access (as far as I know) so she hasn't seen my progress. Really must print off a pic for her and pop it in the mail.
Didn't get as much sewing done this past week as I would have liked. Finished reading a few books and wrote a review or two. On Saturday before Ian and another good friend, Patricia and hubby (who is a birder) arrived I spent the morning volunteering at 'Mayfest' a fencing tournament sponsored by the Excelsior Fencing Club, of which I am a member. I find it very encouraging to watch other more experienced fencers. I did purchase a left handed glove and a chest protector for myself. As with many sports, the equipment can get expensive, so I am buying it bit by bit.
As you might suspect, my thoughts keep straying to the making of a fencing quilt. I don't want to use t-shirts (since I only have one) but rather would like images of fencers in various stances. Anyone know of a pattern source?
By tomorrow I should have posted additional pictures of the new heart fabric blocks that I have received. Come back next Tuesday and see what I do with the 'Robin' block.

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