Friday, 1 May 2009

Songmaster by Orson Scott Card

I caught this at a Bookcrossing meeting a while back and thought I would take a break from weightier books and give it a try. Something seemed familiar. When I checked my book log I found that I had read it back in 2003. I couldn't recall the plot so I kept reading.

If you want to find out more about the book, go to the Amazon website and check the 48 reviews listed there.

I only want to say that I was dissappointed in the hidden message in this book. Ansset falls in love with Josif and they make love. At the moment of climax Ansset is overcome with the most excruciating pain that does not end until he is heavily medicated. Josif, his lover, calls for help. Josif is then taken away and emasculated. This is all blamed on the medication that Ansset is given to delay puberty so that he will retain his youthful voice longer. In reality is it not a jab at homosexuality saying that you will be punished severly if you love someone of the same sex?

Up to this point I had been enjoying the story and the life that Ansset was making for himself. Then I get the message that his life is now destroyed forever because he loved a man? I'm sure this story could have ended in a thousand other ways.

To my readers, don't get upset with me for my comments. I am not waving any banners here, I would have been upset if Mr. Card had chosen to pick on any other group, ie: an ethic group, religious person, a tone deaf non-singer... I am stating my opinion.


Dorte H said...

"Something seemed familiar. When I checked my book log I found that I had read it ..."

Oh, this happens to me quite often :)
Or, at least it did before I began writing reviews on my blog. I don´t know yet, if that will help.

And I like that you really write what you think about the book.

Heather said...

I was going to write about how listening to singing and how emotional it can be, but then I finished the book and decided that I needed to write something else even if it alienated any of my readers.

Dorte H said...

Well, as long as your reviews aren´t scathing, I certainly prefer that you express your opinion and I think lots of bloggers will agree with me.