Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Needlework Tuesday

I was feeling down last week, so I moved to my sewing machine and got down to business. I made these two "Quotes and Notes" blocks from the Quilter's Cache website.

They turned out very nice. This is the block that I selected for the BOM for the Maple Leaf Quilt Guild (online). The second picture shows the 8 blocks that were submitted this month.

They look all different sizes as they have not been trimmed to their final size. The block was designed with a space in the middle to feature a signature or quote.

I put a couple of blocks on time into the Bird blocks. I have all 12 blocks pieced now and the final 4 are waiting for eyes and feet.
I love the Red Headed Woodpecker, though I wonder if the background fabric is a bit distracting from the bird?

The Chickadee is sitting on a snowy perch, unfortunately the pattern of the fabric doesn't show in this photo.
Next week I'll have a photo, eyes and feet included, of all 12 blocks in their approximate placement in the final quilt.

My son has presented me with a new challenge. He painted this terrific picture in his grade 12 art class. It measures 24 by 48 inches. The areas were all masked by tape, though they must have been from a bunch of roles since they are varying widths. I am using the technique that I used on the 'Secret Garden' block a few weeks back.

In this photo you can see the hint of colours that i am using. I tried to match as close as possible to his choices. This section starts at the bottom left corner of the photo.
The final photo shows the flip side of this piece.
I will continue through out this week to show updates of my progress. This needs to be completed quickly so my son can take it in to school to display with his painting.

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Diana LaMarre said...

You have really been busy!

What a creative idea to make a duplicate of your son's work.

I really like the chickadee block. It so realistic.